Practice at Home!

Helpful Links for Home

Here are some great links you can use at home for practice or to find fun and interesting ways to learn. These websites can help you enhance your math, reading, writing, science, and social studies skills! 
***Please note: I you click on the link and it doesn't work, you may need to copy and paste it into a new tab.***


There are many sites to help support your reading, writing, and grammar skills. Use the links below to chose what you want to work with!
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All of the websites below are to help with math. IXL specifically lets you pick the content you want to work on and gives you problems to solve for practice. Other sites are filled with math games to help enhance your skills through playing online!

Social Studies
Want to discover the history of our city, country, or world? Then historians check out these sites! They are great for reading about our past and current events all over the globe.

The websites below are for your inner scientist to explore! Check out different experiments, fun facts, hear from scientists about our world, and discover!

All Subjects
Brain-pop is an excellent resource where you can find neat videos, worksheets, and games for every subject! Take a look and enjoy.