Happening in the Classroom

Here's what's happening in 5th grade for 2018 

Reading: Students have been learning what it means to grow as a reader and the strategies and skills they can use to grow in their reading and learning. Students are focusing on using context clues, understanding the theme of a story, recalling their reading, making inferences as they read, and always being sure they are working on a goal to become a better reader. Students have a different focus each week and together as a class we SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review) a short story where students have to find answers to questions that relate to the focus of the week and prove it with answers from the text. This is something we will continue as the year goes on so that students are feeling confident as readers and know skills they can use to help them grow more each day. 
Students are also understanding the importance of making reading goals and to share those goals with others to keep one another accountable. Students pick two goals and make that their focus; whether it's to read more at home, use a specific strategy we have learned in class to help them grow as readers, or to push themselves to read something outside of the genre they usually pick. Students are working hard within their reading and making weekly suggestions to their classmates about new books to read that they loved reading themselves. We have constant book talks and book suggestions that we make to one another during our reading discussion time. 

Writing: Students have learned about all six writing traits now; Main Idea, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, and Conventions. We have spent time as writer's to understand how our writing directly connects to our readers and that by asking for feedback we are growing as writers more each day. 
In February students will focus on the traits of word choice and sentence fluency and write slavery journals. This connects to what we have been learning in Social Studies with slavery and reading historical fiction slavery journals, and now students have the chance to write their own and truly bring a character to life.
From this project, students will move into opinion writing where students get the opportunity to pick a topic they are most interested in, make an opinion based on that topic, read articles that support their topic with facts, and write out both their feelings, reasons, and facts to back up those opinions. This was all done by Spring Break and when we return students will then focus on writing informational pieces before we create our own poetry! 

Students have been learning and continue to practice their skills with multiplication, division, and how to interpret the remainder of a division problem. Students are constantly using real world applications to solve problems that they see every day. We have learned how to make equivalent fractions, compare fractions, add and subtract fractions too. We have found how fractions and decimals connect to one another before learning more about decimals and how they are in almost everything we see!
Students have been working hard in understanding decimal place value, decimals in expanded form, comparing and rounding decimals, and finally adding and subtracting decimals.
When Unit 4 is complete we will learn about coordinate grids, and then make a strong return to fractions with adding and subtracting mixed numbers, multiplying, and dividing fractions. 

In October and November students learned all about force and motion. We spent time learning about what a force is, how they are used in everything we see, contact forces, non-contact forces, balanced and unbalanced forces, and working specifically with gravity in science labs! From there students learned about motion and how to describe motion using specific key terms. They learned about speed, how to find the speed of an object, calculate the speed, graph the speed, and understand a graph that is showing the speed of different moving objects. Last but not least students learned about Sir Isaac Newton and his Three Laws of Motion. They all worked very hard and completed the Unit the first week of December. 

Our next Unit will focus on the Moon, Planets, Space, Seasons, and Tides. 

Our final unit in science will focus on Ecosystems and Body Systems. 

Social Studies
In 2018 we are taking a strong hold into our countries history. Students have been incredibly invested into learning about their country's history and how we came to be the United States of America. Students are taking a Road Trip to America, where we learn about the unrest of the colonists, from the French & Indian War, Boston Massacre, Tea Party, 2nd Continental Congress, Declaration of Independence, and into the American Revolutionary War. Students are learning that these colonists had a big challenge head of them to take on the King and what they could mean.
We were moved by Thomas Paine and "Common Sense" and couldn't wait to order books to read it ourselves! Once we learn about the war, students will move onto the Constitution of the United States of America, Branches of Government, and the first 10 Amendments. 
Students get the chance to take their learning into their own hands and to research what these first 10 Amendments mean, and why they are important. Students can share out what they learned in any style they would like; write a song, poem, skit, create a movie, make a poster, whatever they want to do to show what they have learned about the rights of the people. 
 This has been so much fun to learn about and the students love getting the chance to hear about our history!