The Southwest Sun ~ October 8, 2018

The Positivity Project

Last week the Positivity Project Character Strength we focused on was 'Open - Mindedness.'  Students discussed the character trait throughout the week.  Be sure to ask your child how and what they did!  This week, we will be focusing on a component of the 'Other People Matter Mindset.' Identifying and appreciating the good in others.  Each grade level will be learning and applying the topic by viewing different videos and participating in different discussion questions and activities.  You can ask your child what identifying and appreciating the good in others means!  Ask your child what he/she is going to do to improve their ability to indentify the good in others.  

For more information on The Positivity Project: https://posproject.org/


Howell Public Schools Securing Our Future Sinking Fund Proposal Community Meeting

The Howell Public Schools Board of Education has placed a sinking fund proposal, with no expected tax rate increase, on the November 6, 2018, ballot. If passed, the proposal will provide the district with approximately 1.3 million dollars annually for the next ten years to fund security upgrades and perform major repair projects throughout the district. On Tuesday, October 9, the district will host a community meeting to share the details of this proposal. The meeting will run from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. and will be held in the Board of Education meeting room at the districts administrative offices. You can also visit HowellSchools.com/SecuringOurFuture to learn more about this proposal.

Coffee Chat with Superintendent MacGregor

Superintendent MacGregor will host his first Coffee Chat of the school year on Thursday, October 18 from 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. at Howell High School’s Highlander Restaurant. During the chat, Mr. MacGregor will share updates on various district initiatives and answer any questions attendees may have. The Highlander Restaurant is located on the west side of Howell High School near the Howell Aquatics Center.


7 Tips for Helping Kids Manage Big Feelings   

The novelty of the new school  year is wearing off and reality is setting in for many kids. This may present as anger, exhaustion, frustration, or anxiety.

Keep in mind that children often communicate their needs nonverbally through behavior. When our kids exhibit anger or frustration, our instinct is often to punish or correct. Instead, consider seeking to understand the feelings behind the behaviors - and coach your child through the discomfort. Here are seven tips and thoughts to help us coach instead of correct:

  1. Ask yourself, “What would I need right now?”. The answer is probably empathy and affection. Respect and support your child’s feelings. Anxiety, frustration, humiliation, and sadness are real and unpleasant, whether you are 8 or 88.

  2. Understand that anger is a secondary emotion, generally caused by disappointment, frustration, or hurt. Which is it for your child? Knowing the root cause can help you avoid anger episodes in the future.

  3. Keep calm (it can be hard, but it is possible and helpful). Avoid yelling - fighting fire with fire is unproductive and generally makes things worse. Staying calm helps model the controlled, responsible behavior you are expecting from your child.

  4. COACH your child through the difficult moment. Prompt your child with, “This must be uncomfortable. Let’s brainstorm some solutions together.” Then, come up with small steps leading up to a larger goal (such as, “This week I will work on telling an adult as soon as I feel those big feelings”). This will empower your child and teach him/her skills for similar situations in the future.

  5. Keep track of meltdowns and look for triggers and patterns. For older kids, say “Please tell me what you are thinking before, during, and after.” This may reveal the feelings behind the behavior.

  6. Give your child opportunities to practice the behavior you want to see -- and celebrate when he/she is successful! As they practice, delight in do-overs….think of mistakes as a way to learn how to make better choices. Provide positive reinforcement and feedback anytime your child does anything in the spirit of coping.

  7. Show the love. Not all bad behavior is malicious….it is your child’s way of communicating needs in the only way he/she knows how. A hug is a quick way to diffuse children’s anger…..as well as your frustration with the situation.

For extra support, or a personal plan, please reach out to me!

Jeanie Nemeth (nemethj@howellschools.com)    


Looking forward to our PTO sponsored Fun Run this week.  Wednesday is the day!  (Thursday if it rains...:)

Have a great week!

Jennifer Goodwin - Principal

Southwest Elementary School, 915 Gay St., Howell, MI 48843
Phone: 517-548-6288, Fax: 517-545-1432

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Calendar of Events

  • 10.8: Board Of Education Meeting, 7pm
  • 10.10: Fun Run!
  • 10.11: Fun Run (Rain Date)
  • 10.12: SW SPIRIT DAY!
  • 10.18: School Store (during lunches)
  • 10.19: SW SPIRIT DAY (College Awareness Month - wear your favorite college team!)
  • 10.26: Quarter 1 Ends
  • 10.26: PTO Trunk or Treat!
  • 10.31 Halloween!
  • 11.2: Picture Re-Take Day
  • 11.6: NO SCHOOL - Election Day

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