School Improvement

Southwest School Improvement

Vision Statement
The staff at Southwest Elementary School will be professional, respectful, problem solvers. The following behaviors will be consistently demonstrated: Open minded, Active Listeners, Encouragers, Giving Best Effort, Valuing Mistakes, Risk Takers, Positive, Supporting a Safe Environment, Confidential, Calm and Collected, Life Long Learners, Knowledgeable and Possess Expertise, Focused on Achievement, Respectful of Instructional Time, Reflective, Trustworthy, Dependable, Organized and Proactive.
Mission Statement
The mission of Southwest Elementary School is to develop a relationship with each student that enables us to recognize their individuality and support their academic and social growth.
Beliefs Statement
The staff of Southwest Elementary School believes that all children can learn and it is our responsibility to ensure their achievement.

School Improvement Committee

Principal: Jennifer Goodwin
Chair: Sandy Joslin
Data Team Leader: Sarah Leedy

Tina Everard
Kayla Kitchell
Pat Lowe-Jackson
Tammy Surian

Kelly Lewis
Jennifer Smith

Positive Behavior Systems Committee

Co-Chairs: Selina Laszlo & Teresa Wilder

Jennifer Goodwin, Elli Osborn, Sue Piro

2017-2018 Southwest School Improvement Plan
2016-2017 Southwest School Improvement Plan